Sunday, June 14, 2009


Today, Bride and Groom were sold on the idea of restful sleep being the best gift option there could be. They decided that in place of a traditional registry (because they have been living together some time and have acquired necessary home fixings) they would ask guests to help contribute to the purchase of a sleep number bed. Guests would simply need to go to their nearest Sleep Number store (Nearest location can be found at buy a gift card, or contribute any amount directly to the remaining balance on bride and grooms lay away dream sleep number bed. This gives guests ability to donate an anonymous amount if they so choose.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Dance Lessons!

We had our first dance lesson with Melissa Dexter at Delaware House in Bayview. It was sooooo fun!!! She is helping Bride and Groom choreograph "Chan Chan" as done by Buena Vista Social Club. It promises to be a nice surprise for our guests. Anyone who hasn't been to Delaware House should check them out. They are an extremely comprehensive space: everything from yoga and dance to physical therapy and spa facilities. Check out their website! The space is beautiful and full of great people!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Progress: starting to close in

Slowly, but surely, it seems things are really coming together. It's very exciting. The Bride is making a lot of progress on her dress. We adapted and fused two older dresses, but all the work is being hand sewn (very time consuming, but rewarding). We are starting to receive the handmade RSVP post cards. It is a relief that they are making it through the USPS back to us. We have nailed down a very professional photographer to shoot our event out of the kindness of his heart and also to build his portfolio. A family member is willing to video tape the happenings of the day. We have found both a dessert lady and a gentleman to cater. Our dessert woman is in the process of starting her own bakery in Bayview and is very thrilled to work with us (awesome!) and to develop an array of desserts, both vegan and non, and of course, cheesecake! Our caterer has offered to come on sight and use the produce from the garden to develop a local, seasonal, vegan and non fare. Great thanks to some friends of the Bride who have offered their gifts of music to sing some songs for the ceremony. Also, an ipod, wedding playlist is in the works.

Monday, June 1, 2009


Paper was provided by the sister of the bride who had assorted stashed of paper samples from her time working with a paper company. In addition, a great lead on invitations was given by the sister-in-law to the bride. We got a steal on invites printed by a local college's printing department. Who knew? Also, for RSVP post cards, the bride re-used old cards by cutting off the picture half of the card and stamping on the back side. Everyone's invite will be a bit unique because everyone will have a different post card to RSVP with. The bride cut stamps out with a stamp kit to stamp the return address and simple text. Text included: Attendees: (for guests to write their names) and Yes/No check boxes. A few more resources saved.

Refigured Number of Guests

We realized that our guest list of 80-100 will need to be changed to accommodate 150-200 guests. Changes need to be made with regard to cake, buffalo, and seating arrangements.