Monday, June 1, 2009


Paper was provided by the sister of the bride who had assorted stashed of paper samples from her time working with a paper company. In addition, a great lead on invitations was given by the sister-in-law to the bride. We got a steal on invites printed by a local college's printing department. Who knew? Also, for RSVP post cards, the bride re-used old cards by cutting off the picture half of the card and stamping on the back side. Everyone's invite will be a bit unique because everyone will have a different post card to RSVP with. The bride cut stamps out with a stamp kit to stamp the return address and simple text. Text included: Attendees: (for guests to write their names) and Yes/No check boxes. A few more resources saved.

Refigured Number of Guests

We realized that our guest list of 80-100 will need to be changed to accommodate 150-200 guests. Changes need to be made with regard to cake, buffalo, and seating arrangements.