Friday, August 10, 2007

Breaking it Down

It's time to create a budget, timeline, and divide this task into pieces. The pieces should look like this; The Dress/Tux (Day 1), The Dress/Outfit (Day 2), The Cake, The Menu, The Yards, The Invitations, The Music (soloist, live symphony/jazz band/IPOD/family band/karioki), The Ceremony/Vows/, Register For Gifts, The Dishes, The Dance Floor, The Tent, Lights/Linens/Tables/Chairs/Chair Covers, The Activities, The Rings (provider of "green" design, recycled, etc. ring service in West Bend), the Honeymoon, Centerpieces, Servers, Photography/Media Documentation, Announcement in Newspaper, Contact Officiator or Service (Mike's dad), Decoration/Floorplan.

Overall deligation of responsibility

Deciding on Size of Tent

Contacted Canopies in Milwaukee to see what it would cost to rent 30'x60' Century Peak-yop tent. This dimension was determined by the following. Each person takes up 10 sq ft, therefore a round table that serves 8 people will take up a space of 10'x8' (aprox. 1 square cube = 10'x10'). We'll need about 10 cubes for tables, a band requires 4 cubes, 2 cubes for cake table, 6 cubes for dance floor (20'x30'). Delivery ($135), 8 Cathedral side panels(@$25 each-$200), tent ($810) for a total of $1045 to rent from Tuesday thru Sunday, they set up and break down. To purchase this tent would cost $7,500 to buy outright.

Tennies True Value in West Bend has a Eureka brand tent. It isn't a peak tent, however would work. Price for the tent $200 ($100 each 20'x30'), 8 windowed panels ($80 or $10 each), no delivery fee, no set up. Therefore $280 for us to put it up ourselves, we pick up, return, and have it from Friday afternoon to Sunday morning. 262-334-5891. To purchase this tent outright would cost $3,444,24.

A Peek into the Garden

Theme Colors

Event Colors: chartreuse and violet/lavender
Bride: Antique White
Groom: Rich Brown Tux with Champagne Shirt and embossed ascot
Flowers: Bride's bouquet Calla lilies, hydrangea, lavender grown in Mary's garden, tables/ceremony, flowers in season within the garden

China, Silverware, and Linens

In efforts to conserve on consumption of paper products and integrate family memorabilia, Callie and Michael decided to use heirloom china from both sides of their families as well as recycled old china, silverware, and linen. We posted an ad on Craigs List and Freecycle. Bingo!!!! within a few days we were able to get a few donations. We also visited several second hand stores to pick up more. We are still on the lookout for sets of old china that have plates, soup bowls, cups/saucers, dessert plates, sugar/creamers, vegetable bowls, salt/pepper. We are also looking for a few soup tureens. We've started the search early b/c there are many things that we will need and wanted plenty of time to look. Some of the pieces we have found are Mikasa (My Love), Bavarian (Clarrisa), Crown Victoria (Lovelace), Creative (Regency Rose), Crown Potteries (448), Czechloslovakia (Cabbage Rose), Harmony House (Lisa), Noritaki (Eugenia). At some point we wondered how cost effective this strategy was. We accessed rental quotes for service for 75 individuals and found that a minimal cost for renting china and silverware would be somewhere around $1200-$1600. So far we have spent $215 for 60 of our 75 placesettings. BIG FIND TODAY......Ornate metal 5 foot stand for unity candles for $30.00 at a neighborhood household recycle store.

Brides Dress: Reinvent Heirloom

Callie loves to dress up. Sharon (Michaels mom) graciously offered the gown she wore for her wedding with permission to do whatever Callie wanted to do to recreate it. We have begun the deconstruction process and will slowly reinvent the garment using all of the materials. This will be the gown worn for the evening wedding ceremony. Callie found a gown (Lazaro) last year at a bridal sale that was irristible. The original price was nearly 3K, however she paid $200. It is a bit soiled and tattered, but we will make the alterations and repairs. We will cut this gown to just above the ankle so that Callie can enjoy "playing" in it for the festivities on Day 2.

Review of Process to Date

Within the last month many things have been decided. The wedding date has been determined by the bride (Callie Rose) and groom (Michael) to be June 28th and 29th, 2008. It will be a two day event and a blend of Jewish and Christian ceremonial traditions. The location of the first day will be in the garden of Callies mom (Mary) and the second day in Michaels parents (Sharon and Jim) backyard. The first day (75 guests) will involve a wine and cheese buffet to begin at 7:30 PM (beginning of Shavous) with the ceremony to begin at 9:00 PM. A light sit down dinner will be served (organic salad greens grown in Mary's garden topped with grilled fresh Lake Michigan salmon caught by brides uncle Pierre, choice of 2 organic homemade soups, organic quinoa/cilantro salad, whole grain rolls, and beverage. Bridal Cake will be a cheesecake (TBA) from a local vendor. The dance floor will be graced with the sounds of light jazz quartet, sting lights, while guests intermittently visit the beverage tent with homemade chocolate truffles. Day 2 (200-250 guests) will be less formal, a picnic with buffalo burgers, organic side dishes, homemade pies, and beverages. Music will include the sounds of family bands and an IPOD playlist system. There will be lawn games, and other family activities (TBA) as well as the gift opening.