Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Another day in the dressmaker shoppe. Callie and I met to work on her wedding dress for Day 1 of this 2 day event. This gown is especially important because it is an heirloom dress from her future mom-in-law (Sharon). We are preserving the elegant design elements while integrating the unique characteristics Callie desires to present to her groom (Michael) on their special day. It looks as though the bride will carry a bouquet of fuschia and gardenia. The intent of the design is to emulate the grace and flounce of these botanicals in the structure and flow of the gown. As of today, the gown is completely deconstructed and in several pieces. Next week we hope to begin the reconstruction process. We also deconstructed the veil and hope to recreate by adding a Spanish comb and fresh flowers on the wedding day.

We also discussed the guest list in hopes of keeping it within Callie and Michaels goal of having an intimate and elegant event involving the individuals immediately committed and vested in their marital vows/promises. All family and friends will be gathered on Day 2 to extend their congratulations to the couple at the home/garden of the grooms parents (Jim and Sharon Thurow). This will be a full day of music, food, games and fun.

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