Friday, August 10, 2007

Breaking it Down

It's time to create a budget, timeline, and divide this task into pieces. The pieces should look like this; The Dress/Tux (Day 1), The Dress/Outfit (Day 2), The Cake, The Menu, The Yards, The Invitations, The Music (soloist, live symphony/jazz band/IPOD/family band/karioki), The Ceremony/Vows/, Register For Gifts, The Dishes, The Dance Floor, The Tent, Lights/Linens/Tables/Chairs/Chair Covers, The Activities, The Rings (provider of "green" design, recycled, etc. ring service in West Bend), the Honeymoon, Centerpieces, Servers, Photography/Media Documentation, Announcement in Newspaper, Contact Officiator or Service (Mike's dad), Decoration/Floorplan.

Overall deligation of responsibility

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