Friday, August 10, 2007

Deciding on Size of Tent

Contacted Canopies in Milwaukee to see what it would cost to rent 30'x60' Century Peak-yop tent. This dimension was determined by the following. Each person takes up 10 sq ft, therefore a round table that serves 8 people will take up a space of 10'x8' (aprox. 1 square cube = 10'x10'). We'll need about 10 cubes for tables, a band requires 4 cubes, 2 cubes for cake table, 6 cubes for dance floor (20'x30'). Delivery ($135), 8 Cathedral side panels(@$25 each-$200), tent ($810) for a total of $1045 to rent from Tuesday thru Sunday, they set up and break down. To purchase this tent would cost $7,500 to buy outright.

Tennies True Value in West Bend has a Eureka brand tent. It isn't a peak tent, however would work. Price for the tent $200 ($100 each 20'x30'), 8 windowed panels ($80 or $10 each), no delivery fee, no set up. Therefore $280 for us to put it up ourselves, we pick up, return, and have it from Friday afternoon to Sunday morning. 262-334-5891. To purchase this tent outright would cost $3,444,24.

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