Friday, August 10, 2007

China, Silverware, and Linens

In efforts to conserve on consumption of paper products and integrate family memorabilia, Callie and Michael decided to use heirloom china from both sides of their families as well as recycled old china, silverware, and linen. We posted an ad on Craigs List and Freecycle. Bingo!!!! within a few days we were able to get a few donations. We also visited several second hand stores to pick up more. We are still on the lookout for sets of old china that have plates, soup bowls, cups/saucers, dessert plates, sugar/creamers, vegetable bowls, salt/pepper. We are also looking for a few soup tureens. We've started the search early b/c there are many things that we will need and wanted plenty of time to look. Some of the pieces we have found are Mikasa (My Love), Bavarian (Clarrisa), Crown Victoria (Lovelace), Creative (Regency Rose), Crown Potteries (448), Czechloslovakia (Cabbage Rose), Harmony House (Lisa), Noritaki (Eugenia). At some point we wondered how cost effective this strategy was. We accessed rental quotes for service for 75 individuals and found that a minimal cost for renting china and silverware would be somewhere around $1200-$1600. So far we have spent $215 for 60 of our 75 placesettings. BIG FIND TODAY......Ornate metal 5 foot stand for unity candles for $30.00 at a neighborhood household recycle store.

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