Saturday, April 25, 2009

Changes in Our Wedding Celebration

After some time and more thinking, we have decided to limit our celebration to one day and to have 150 guests sit to eat in a more formal fashion. We also have moved the wedding to the backyard garden of the brides family because it will be easier to have access to a kitchen since nothing will be catered. Foods will be prepared ahead by the family and served by friends of the bride and groom the day of the event. The cake will be ordered from a local baker who is willing to prepare an organic cheese cake and wedding cake. We also have a local chocolatier who is preparing truffles made with soy milk.

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Anonymous said...

Hi guys, It's me again.
Callie, have you checked out these two books?
Sweet Gratitudes-A new world of raw desserts by Mathew Rogers and
Sinfully Vegan by Lois Dieterly
They both have some really yummy recipes in them.
Hey Mike, what are you going to be eating? I know how you like your meat, potatoes and sweets!!