Saturday, April 25, 2009

Getting the Gardens Ready to Produce

Well, we are now just a couple months to the date. The snow has finally dissipated and the "green" is emerging. Four weeks ago, vegetables and unique flowers were begun in flats in the basement windows. The success of germination was about 80%. Seeds were purchased from on-line vendors i.e. Seeds of Change and Seed Savers as well as our local nurseries. The selection of flowers was chosen to accommodate the brides colors which are green, white and gold. We are growing peruvian daffodils, chartreuse zinnias, Bells of Ireland (in memory of brides grandmother), large white marigolds, nicotinana langsdorffii and snail flower. The bouquets will be offset with seashell cosmos and lavendar to provide a delicate hint of complimentary coloring. The nicotiana langsdorffii and snail flower didn't germinate on first attempt so we contacted Seed Savers and they immediately sent out replacements seeds and today we will begin the germination process once again in hopes of producing flowers in time for the wedding. Veggies are on the rise and have been integrated in the overall landscape of the garden in place of annuals. The menu will include offerings from the potager garden served in a gourmet fashion though simple.

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