Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Language of Flowers

A wedding is a highly intentional event. Even the choice of the flowers has an intentional message that we want to convey in the midst of communion and sharing with friends and family. Daffodil - chivalry and respect, Marigold - comforts the heart from pain and grief, Lavender - devotion, Snail Flower - blissful pleasure, Nicotiana - truth, Cosmos - dignity and elegance, forever thine, Zinnia - thinking of absent friends and Bells of Ireland - good wishes

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Anonymous said...

Hi everyone, guess who? I just found this website while on the web. I love it! The flower choices are great, especially bells of ireland, zinnia and marigolds.

Forty pounds seems like too much-20 should be just fine-don't be so hard on yourself! You are always beautiful no matter what.

Got to go-catch you later!!!!