Monday, May 11, 2009

Invites .... Tent, Tables, and Chairs

The invites are quite a piece of work. We found a large pack of a printers recycled paper samples in the attic of a family duplex. In this pack we picked out the Velum and Card Stock. My sister is fluent in graphic design so we created a layout that utilized the large sheets without a scrap of waste. We had trouble finding a local printer who could do our printing with soy or veggie ink. However, we requested that she find someone within our county who could do the job and we would contract our work through our local printer. This way we were able to continue doing business in town while providing an opportunity for businesses to synergize to create solutions for eco requests. Needless to say, out printer was delighted with the idea and everyone was able to get a piece of the revenue pie and maintained a community business relationship. We created post cards by recycling used greeting cards. We cut them into uniform sizes and designed a hand carved rubber stamp for RSVP's. The whole project took some extra effort, but the end result was very rewarding.

We ordered our 30x30 tent, 10-60" round tables, and 100 white wooden chairs. This has been the most expensive ($997.45) part of our wedding preparation, but it is a great relief to have shelter in case of rain as well as having the job of delivery and set up taken care of for us.


Ant Ree said...

Hi Callie,
Do you need any help addressing the invitations? Let me know if you do, I would love to help with that if they will be hand written.

ant ree said...

Hi Callie,
You probably already know this but just in case... Pilot Latte soy ink pens in many pretty colors.