Monday, May 11, 2009

Truffles and Wedding Cake

We are working with our community chocolatier in creating a "vegan" truffle. The mainstay will be dark, dark chocolate and hopefully fair trade. Mom developed a mocha, cherry, cumin filling made with organic coconut milk which she requested that the chocolatier use as our signature truffle filling. We are awaiting a decision.

Finding a bakery to do an organic cake was a frustrating and impossible task until we found Ann from AnnMade Cakes. Ann is the new baker in town who loves taking pride in creating and baking. She is a perfect match for us since we are doing something entirely different than your average wedding cake. First we want to use all organic products. We also want to have a square design because we like the look and it typically serves more people than a round cake. Instead of having 3 tiers of the same thing, we are doing a different option for each tier. The bottom - larger tier will be an organic layer cake with a fruit puree filling. The second tier will be an organic cheesecake. A third tier will be a vegan cheesecake made with limes and avocados. The top tier will be a simple anniversary cake. This creative delight will be clothed in a white rolled fondant and decorated with organic ribbon and fresh flowers grown in the residential garden. Can't wait to sample and experience the visual result!!!

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